Memories of Scotland

In 2020 The Tartan Rose Company created their first ever tartan, ‘Memories of Scotland’.
Taking inspiration from the colours of Scottish summertime, we created a tartan that would transport you to fresh Highland landscapes. The base colour purple was chosen for the fields of sweet-smelling heather, flecked with shades of deep magenta. A green line runs through the tartan to signify the rolling forest backdrops, with a deep bottle green highlighting it either side. We wanted to capture the early morning hazy glow as the sun rises, served by the soft pinks reflected in the sky.  These colours combined to form our ‘Memories of Scotland’ tartan which was officially registered with ‘The Scottish Register of Tartans’ (Ref #12848) on 9th June 2020. 
Now exclusively available from our web shop, our tartan is available in our signature tartan stem roses, rose brooches and tartan frames. Each product created with our tartan comes with a small card detailing the tartan’s meaning.
Featured as the ‘Scottish Banner’s’ ‘Tartan of the Month’ of August 2020 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA we have seen our tartan’s popularity bloom internationally. It conjures up memories of Scotland to those with Scottish blood or ancestry now spread across globe, or to those looking to make some new memories too, we are proud to bring it to you available below.